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What is Your Vision for This Christmas?

December 11, 2012

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In my day job I work with clients to help establish or articulate their authentic vision for their companies, even their lives. And that’s a daunting task to some, who have never come face to face with what it is that they want for their future. It takes the work of actually thinking about it, planning and then taking steps to achieve it.

Sounds like a simple idea. But what I tell them, I’ll tell you, there is a huge difference between idea and reality.

Going through all of the hoops around Christmastime, I wondered – what is my vision for this Christmas? What is it that I want Christmas to be for me, for Kari, and for my family? Do I want it to be simply a moment in time that my kids refer to as a marker in time where the booty comes in? Is this Christmas season nothing but a calendar packed with to-dos? You have your company Christmas parties, your kid’s Christmas concerts, your rush to get Christmas cards ordered, composed, sent, you have what is now obligations around Christmas.

But what do you intend Christmas to be? How do you construct your vision?  Will it be meaningful, how? What will you do to make it so?  Will it be slower, more reflective, how? Will it be proactive instead of reactive – saying no to some things and saying yes to the things that truly matter? What if this was your last Christmas? How would you want it to be remembered?

It’s only a couple weeks away. Don’t miss it. Enjoy it with deliberate actions that will be remembered long past the gifts and the food and the schedule.


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