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What if you knew tomorrow was going to be different than today?

September 4, 2012

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If you are facing challenges in your work, or in your personal life it can seem overwhelming at times.

The load can seem unbearable. The diagnosis, the report, the interview, the job loss, the bad news that came today. News like that is what makes all of life challenging. In fact it’s news like that kind that can erase any good news you might be experiencing today.

The great job your kid did in school can be erased by a call from your employer.

A huge win at work can instantly be nullified by an  argument at home.

The retirement plans can be eclipsed by a diagnosis. Bad news can trump good news every time.

But what if we knew that tomorrow was going to be a great day? What if we truly knew it – that the day after this day was going to be such a surprise that the news of today was washed away? If you knew that tomorrow was going to bring you incredible encouragement – how would you act today?

Maybe if we acted today as if tomorrow was going to be better than today, then today wouldn’t be so bad, making tomorrow possible.

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