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The Secret to Change is Found in My Kid’s Sandwich

September 10, 2012

Posted in: Performance, Personal, Professional

peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Making my son’s sandwich for school is a fairly routine drill. This morning though, I came up against the challenge that faces every person on earth who makes a sandwich – the heel of the loaf.

“Tatum, OK with you if I give you the heal?”

“No way! Out of the question!”

Now what?

A lunch needs to be made and I’m short on deliverable. So in my true innovative/strategic fashion, I turned the outside of the heel over, slathered the peanut butter on the crust side, schmeared the jelly, folded the sandwich in half exposing the side that he sees as a desired product.

“This look OK to you, Tate?”


Disaster averted. The world can go on. Lunch is on track. It works for other sandwiches and it works for life as well.

How many of us refuse to flip the issue over that’s in front of us? How many of us, when it comes to change by our fixed mindset, instantly scream “out of the question!”

“Out of the question” is usually where the real answer lies.

Is listening to a team member’s idea out of the question?

Is taking on a project that seems out of the question a way to break through?

Is taking a different kind of job out of the question?

Is listening to your teenager’s complaint out of the question?

Is dropping the cable TV out of the question?

Is forgiving your friend or your spouse out of the question?

Is the problem so large that the only way you can see your way out of it, is to keep doing things the same way you’ve done it? Is the true change that’s needed out of the question? Flip it over. It might be where the solution has been all along.

Struggling to find the real question that needs to be asked? Give me a call. Just some food for thought.

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