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The Lesson in Vision, part 1 of 3

May 14, 2012

Posted in: Pathways, Place, Professional, Purpose

Seeing a vision, a destination or a goal for your organization presents some significant challenges to leaders. The first challenge is that people, for the most part, follow. That means they are not in front. That means they can’t see very well. And so, if they can’t see, they are not quick to believe. It is just goes with the territory. When you cast vision there will be predictable responses from many of those who follow. It’s good to know this ahead of the announcement so that you know what to expect from your team in the beginning stages. A great example is taken from Scripture when the Israelites were promised a land that was to be given to them and yet:

  • Out of 12 that were sent ahead of the pack, only two thought the idea was good.
  • There was significant opposition.
  • The majority did not want to go forward, they wanted to turn around.
  • Sound familiar?

And yet, it was the two that were instrumental in moving the rest of the scouting pack. Then that pack convinced the thousands to move forward.

Following a guy with a stick a vision, and a promise.

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