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The Importance of Stillness in an Exhausting World

December 5, 2012

Posted in: Personal, Purpose

an exhausted world for coupes

Yesterday’s post struck a cord with quite a few of you. More than one of you told me how you, yourself were reminded of the larger question we all ask ourselves – what am I doing? Why am I doing what I’m doing? Is this going to get me to where I envisioned my life 10, 20, 50 years ago?  Is it too late?

The answer is, and always has been – no, it’s not too late. But, like me, you’re going to do something you’re probably not accustomed to doing: you’re going to have to take some precious time, envision what you want your life to be. And, to do that, you’ll need to be still, for just a few moments to reflect.

And when we look at our calendars, stillness does not appear to be an option.

Look at your calendar and if you’re like most of us – the calendar is simply overwhelming.  And, by calendar, I mean all of life that is spoken for by someone else, a job, a family, a bank account, or an uncertain future. The other day, I stepped away from my own calendar and looked back on what needed to be accomplished and I can see why so many of us are shot – completely and utterly exhausted.  How many of you are barely to bed before you have to get up and run hard at the next day, getting kids ready for school, packing lunches, dealing with drama, rushing out the door, rushing kids off to college, chaining yourself to your job for who-knows how many hours of running around, working like mad, not getting anything done. Then, every night is booked with something that you’re committed to doing, a committee, a school function, or whatever it might be, only to crash on the couch. Add to that the stress of trying to be on top of your life at home. Christmas is coming and you can barely slow down to realize it. To so many, Christmas is a season not about a Savior, it’s about the thinly painted hope of getting a couple extra hours of sleep. And we run, and we run, and we run.

And we are getting nowhere, just tired.

And it makes us sad – we’re feeling like we’re missing life.  And, oh, by the way, wasn’t this thing called life supposed to be more than what it is for us at the moment?  Some of us have kids still in school and we feel that we’re missing the little moments, those milestones, those rituals like kissing our kids goodnight because we were at some meaningless commitment. To others, the kids are grown and now we would do anything to get those moments back if only we had the wisdom to rewrite the history we made.

How do we right the ship of life we’re sailing on? How can we reach the end of our days knowing that the days we have remaining will be meaningful, with purpose and value? We have to take a break, I have to, you have to set aside some time to think about this. Where do you want to be with your life in five, 10, 40, or more years? What do you want my history to be?

Take time. Go somewhere, go have a coffee wherever you are and get a notebook. Write your future as if you were looking back on your present days with satisfaction. What did you do with your life that contributed to you and others?

Be still for a least an hour a week – set aside even just the smallest of time and think, pray, reflect, plan. Then go forward with that as your own personal vision for your life.

The Cup opens Friday night, December 7th – from 7:00 – 10:ish for maybe just that kind of time to dream, imagine and share with those you care about.

Hope to see you there.


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  1. Bonnie Lacy says:

    Good stuff, Owen. You’re fanning the flames!

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