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Sunday Edition: Praying for Scorpions

August 5, 2012

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What kind of dad would give his kid a scorpion if he were praying for bread?

What if the kid was asking his dad for something dad knew wasn’t good for him?

What if my young son Tatum was asking for drain cleaner, because it smelled fresh, looked colorful, tasted sweet – would I give it to him?  If he was in need of really good food that made him stronger, grow; develop would I not want to give him really good nutrition?

That’s the same thing with how we’re praying – I think we’re oft times praying for something that appears to be the answer and when we don’t get that bowl of drain cleaner for dinner, we think God isn’t answering our heart’s prayer.

But think about it, if He does want to answer our desire of our heart, why wouldn’t He?  Maybe it’s because our thinking is off.

Why pray for Scorpions?  Are you praying for Scorpions?  How do you know if you are?
Is what you’re asking for in sync with the best idea?  Is it short term or is it long-term good? Does it align with your needs, your true desire for heart of heart stuff? If so, if it was promised by a good dad, and that dad can and always has kept his promise, why would this be any different? That means trust. If it’s not happening immediately, there’s a reason, since the good dad said he would do it and he said he would do it when it’s the right time to do it.

Do not give up. Don’t doubt that the job you need and the job you really want are the perfect match. Don’t dismiss the fact that the breakup maybe was ultimately going to save you from a life of abuse. Don’t run from the truth that the other person’s apparent success would never be the success that satisfies your soul’s deepest desire.

You’re answer is coming.  It may not be today, but it is definitely coming with a thrilling and fresh new start.

Luke 11:11


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