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Sunday Edition: Imperfectly Perfect

September 16, 2012

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Saturday was one of those near perfect days that are more rare than not here in Stromsburg. Coming off of a brutally hot summer, today’s temps made my ongoing painting project not so bad after all.

Kari has been growing pumpkins down by the field and today was the first day of starting to pull some of them out of the patch and bring them up to the house.

This is not so great of an arrangement that I did for her, more of just getting them on the step.  But look at those pumpkins and ask yourself, which ones are the most interesting?

Yep. The ones that aren’t perfect. We celebrate those weird bumps, those blotchy patches of green, orange, black and white. In fact, we turn the smooth, “perfect” skin around to show the most interesting of sides.

God must look at each of us in the very same way – thrilled with our perfect imperfections, wanting us to realize that it is those unique attributes, those things about us that he wants facing the world, not to try to hide or cover up.

Ever feel like you’re the only one with the “bumps”? Does it seem that the rest of the world is smooth and pretty and you can’t compare? The truth is everyone has some bumps, some “imperfection”, it’s just that they’re maybe trying to hide their bumps, hoping that no one will see their back side, and that’s a real shame and a missed opportunity. For it is when we realize our bumps, our imperfections in ourselves or of others is for someone else to appreciate, we can see the beauty that truly makes us not only unique, but highly valuable in God’s eyes.

Wouldn’t that be amazing if we could see how perfectly imperfect we are made? Then we will truly see, as if looking through the eyes like mine on this incredible autumn afternoon. Looking at these weird yet fantastic creations, seeing truly just how amazing each one is.

Ephesians 2:10




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