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Sunday Edition: Blue Cheese, Smelly Socks and God

February 3, 2013

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Does it seem to you that there is more bad news every day? At the Cup as much as anywhere else, one can find themselves listening to endless sad stories, truly discouraging tales of broken marriages, shattered dreams, financial or moral bankruptcy, and the like. The end is near, doom is upon us, prepare for the worst. I’m currently working with a friend who expressed to me a sentiment from one of her own acquaintances – telling of how overwhelmed and beaten down she is with almost every aspect of her life. I guess I get that. There has been more than one occasion that I’ve felt completely beaten. The battle felt over, the fat lady had already sung. But, there are other times when I realize that I have power in those moments to decide what the situation means to me. Here’s how I prove it. Close your eyes and take the deep whiff of one of my favorite things in life – blue cheese. Now keep your eyes closed and imagine that you smell dirty socks. All of my kids believe that blue cheese is made from dirty socks. And, with your eyes still closed, taking another whiff, you could accept their opinion. But to me, when I smell blue cheese, I decide to give the meaning I want to that fabulous chunk of Maytag blue. I have ascribed how I wish to value it. The same is true when you touch really hot water or really cold water, for just a split second, you don’t know which it is? Ever had that happen? It’s the same thing with black and white, when the light is just right, you don’t know if black is white or white is black. And, in any of those instances you decide which value you ascribe to it. Life can throw some real zingers at each of us and oftentimes we shake our fist at the heavens and wonder where is God in all of this, or if He is really caring about this tragedy, or that heartbreak and so we then ascribe, albeit the wrong meaning. Choosing which way we want to interpret what comes our way is a power only reserved for us, no one can do it for us. Yet the rain falls on the righteous and the unrighteous. Blessing is determined by our heart and mind as to if it is a blessing. The one with no wealth can be more content and satisfied than the richest man, why? One knows how to ascribe a value to his existence that is not defined by being beaten, but by knowing that whatever is given, we determine how we are to receive its worth. You can decide life is good, or that life is over. A message that we’ve always preached to our kids is, whatever you search for, you’ll find it. If you want to find discouragement you will find it. If you want to find joy and contentment, search long enough and you can find that, too.   Question: Have you ever known someone who finds good in any situation? Who has inspired you to keep pressing on in spite of the circumstances? We’d love to have you join us for the conversation. Subscribe to our free newsletter, share and pin it!

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