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Sunday Edition: A Cup Prepared Every Morning

February 25, 2013

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Almost every day, I make Kari her coffee as she gets ready for her day.  When the day allows it, we’ll have time together, but when she works, my task is to start the kettle for her, grind the brew for me and while she is showering, I’ll get things ready, bring up her coffee to our room where she starts her morning make up.

It’s a simple thing, that cup in the morning.  I’m reminded how I get one too, every day. It isn’t from Kari, (although when she can, she does – along with countless other gestures). It’s from God. Every morning. Every morning, He delivers to me breath, life, sunlight, oxygen, hope, potential, opportunity.  Every morning, every moment.

So as you start your day tomorrow, you may be doing so alone, discouraged, maybe even dreading. I would encourage you to take heart.  When you realize that you’ve been given a day that has been made and delivered to you, faithfully, without obligation and without complaint.

Drink and enjoy it.



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