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Blog: Something Delicious Happened Today, Just Beneath the Crust

December 20, 2012

Posted in: Performance, Personal, Place, Purpose

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Something happened today at the Cup that seemed more significant than what it appeared to be on the surface. And, it had more to do with relationships than it did with flour, water and some fruit filling.

Wednesday afternoon, Shelli started to bake pies in the back room, and what came out of the oven was more than just an afternoon lagniappe, it was a conduit into a small community’s culture. And it was a fascinating thing to see, and something that I think is critical to the meaning of life in any community.  For what that simple moment of sharing a slice of pie signals is a moment when we come together around something that we like, maybe even love.

The afternoon was buzzing, the snowstorm was eminent and the kids were crazy, like horses before a storm. When the snow finally did arrive, it was almost like the Christmas season had finally made its entrance with all of the spectacle and regalia fitting its occasion. Christmas music was underneath all of the various conversations, the lights were twinkling and as the waxing  of a cloudy day gave way to a darkened early evening, the low and lingering conversations faded as the last couples headed home, through the snowflakes and into the evening.

This little town of Stromsburg is something much like a sweet mixture of friends, community and traditions – like having pie in the afternoon; it is something we like, maybe even love.







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