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Soapy Coffee

December 13, 2012

Posted in: Performance, Personal

soap can be like words spoken

How many of you know what it’s like to take a sip expectantly from your travel mug – waiting for that perfect sip only to be met with that gross soapy taste.

What a disappointment. On the road, nothing you can do but abandon the dream of having a caffeine companion to carry you for miles down the road.

Have you ever washed your travel mug, or coffee pot and poured the soap in with the water and you think you’re making the container cleaner but in fact you’re simply making it taste like soap?

Do this instead – put a dab of soap on your hand and then let the water run over your hand, into the container and you’ll never have a soapy tasting cup again. We’ve done it with our airpots, our cups, our glass containers and never have had the consequence of a taste that I can never remove. Try it.

Words are alot like soap in your travel mug. Often we say things that we later regret – we pour our words directly into the hearts of our kids, our loved ones, our employees or our neighbors and the residue of those words spoken can never fully be erased, can they? Days, weeks even years can go by and a those few words poured directly can still be remembered.

Like washing over the soap from your hands into your container, let your words be washed gently by time, by holding off just a few moments before you deliver your opinion full strength. Words spoken that have been wisely diluted by patience, empathy, kindness are really much more powerful ways to change or motivate others.


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