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Perhaps a better way to say this is, “so, how about we meet for a cup later today?” I think that sounds better and I think it’s more real. The challenges you’re facing as a leader, as a celebrity, or as an everyday kind of gal, or guy can be crushing at times, especially when you don’t know who you can trust or who can really give you a true, solid perspective on things.  There’s a couple ways we can do this: One, you can send a note anonymously (not in the comment section of the blog posts – here).  It won’t be seen by anyone else, just the two of us. We can just see if you gain trust in the process, if so, then we’ll move to a more formal and compensated arrangement, sound good?

I work with CEOs, Directors, Owners, Celebrities, VPs, Moms, Dads, Couples, Kids who are freaking out about college, Parents who are freaking out about their kids going to college, Young adults freaking out about relationships, getting married.  Basically the range is wide, but then again it’s pretty specific. Realizing the best vision for your life, then taking the steps to articulate it.

If it’s a group or a department that needs to figure things out, feel free to use the contact fields on the other page or email me at