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Owen Baker’s Professional Services: Optimizing Business Potential and Improving Career Satisfaction

“It’s nothing personal, it’s just business” is a quip that on the surface sounds good. It sounds professional.  It sounds like you’re trying to distance yourself from the truth. When it comes to our work, it is personal. There are no two ways around it.  You make judgement calls on value propositions, ROI, bottom line, and everything else that you were taught in business school.  But what comes next is really where the idea of your professional life rests. You’re churning it out, you’re busting your chops, you’re driven; but you’re not just driven for the sake of business, you’re driven because it means something to you. If it didn’t you wouldn’t do it. But the personal side of the professional life must be attended to in order to navigate our way through a 40, 50, 80 hour work week.  We must know that this is worth it. It must make me feel that the work I’ve put into this week, this month, or this life mattered.

That’s why a square cup is here at the start of your business day. Because on some days you need more than just an added shot to get you through your work day. Some days you need to know that this really is worth it; and if it’s not, you need to know that there’s a way to turn this thing around. A Square Cup is about perspective, a morning conversation that we can have as you get your latte and head out.

It might be a way for you to find some professional encouragement (not as in a therapist, well, maybe a little) – I hope so.  If you want to meet a couple days a week, sign up for the newsletter. If you’re looking for even more heady conversation, meet me for coffee on Sunday morning with the Sunday Edition posts.

If you’re a CEO, a leader, a principal, an owner/entrepreneur, or someone who has to simply slug it out everyday, I’d love to connect. My job is to listen, to encourage, and to help my clients realize that even though business is oftentimes served from a square cup, the stuff that really matters can be found inside. It’s been there all along.

It’s good to see you. You’ve got what it takes to make it and then some, even if you’re drinking decaf.

Twitter: @asquarecup