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Place: There’s this guy who knows who you are….

September 27, 2012

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I just learned that somewhere in the happening region of our nation’s capital, there is a guy who knows who I am, by name. He knows about me and he asks about me.

I have never met this guy, I wouldn’t know him if he came up and hit me.

This story is about my conversation with a dear friend of mine who lives back east, in DC, far, far, far away from where I am, in the middle of cornfields. And yet, when my friend comes back to visit his family, he, his wife, and I would spend hours in the Cup. Hours were spent talking about our hopes, dreams, fears, disappointments, frustrations, and all that swirls around the meaning and purpose of life.

When my friend goes back to his home, he has a friend there that he tells about his visit with me, in Nebraska. It turns out that this guy is into doing deals, making money, being successful on a scale that I am more than likely not familiar with, yet.

But what is so significant to me when my friend and I were talking today is that this friend of his, back in DC asks about me. He asks, “did you see Owen?” And I think to myself – wow, this guy knows my name. That’s pretty cool.

Think about that for a sec. Imagine you and I were having a cup and I mentioned to you that I know some famous celebrity, or some powerful leader and I tell you that that person asks about you. How would you feel? What if I told you that that person was watching what you did, was interested in how your life was going? What you were up to? What if someone like Ashton Kutcher or Jennifer Lopez, or your favorite celebrity that you see on Entertainment Tonight or on the cover of People magazine was asking and wanting to hear about how your presentation went yesterday? Or how your interview went, of if you followed through on taking your step towards your dream?

Think about what that would feel like. You would begin to feel like you could approach that person, maybe even spend some time talking to them.

Imagine it’s true – because it is. Even more than “a guy”.

The Creator of the universe knows you by name, He knows what you’re freaking out about and wants to help. He knows what terrifies you and can give you protection. He knows you are lost and will find you. He knows your heart is breaking and he can mend it.

Imagine that.

He wants you to give Him a call. He’s expecting to hear from you.

Trust me. Make the call.

Let’s meet for coffee next Sunday morning.Sunday Edition: It’s not what you know, but who you know.

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