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October Change

October 25, 2011

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Halloween, a square cup, trick or treat

I love Halloween.  I’m not so much into the scare and the creepy as I’m into the change of season. The brisk evening air, the changing colors and the innocence of small kids running from door to door thrills my soul. I run with my kids as fast as we can to friend’s houses to get the goods and move on to the next sugar hit.

I love Halloween for those reasons and for what it represents –  a change. That last day of October on one hand is sad day for me in that the autumn (the season I love most), is fading. As to a faithful dog, or an elderly parent, time is the ultimate master and the seasons must surrender the beauty they hold. Autumn, like Halloween, like the innocent age of young children running though the streets, leaves us much too soon.

But, along with the closing of that beautiful chapter, another one begins.  This season of brilliant colors and turning of leaves gives way to reveal the darker, deeper tones of late fall and early winter. It is then in that season of reflection and the passing on the wisdom of lessons learned benefit all of us for the next season, spring, once again.

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