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You’re the MVP, but only if you make progress

February 5, 2013

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Adrian Peterson

This past week Adrian Peterson was awarded NFL Most Valuable Player.  Makes sense.

If you watch Adrian run the ball, it is phenomenal spectacle. There is really nothing you can say that has not already been said about this man’s performance on the field. When he runs everyone knows that if given the slightest opening, Adrian will find it and blow through it. If you give Adrian an inch, he’ll take a couple hundred yards.

I’m half Minnesotan by marriage so it is simply part of the deal that I watch the Vikings play whenever they’re on. It’s what I call marriage enhancement.

There was one Sunday this season when I watched Adrian take the ball and the defensive line was nearly unbreakable, so AP ran as he does – full throttle, but because of the barrier, he ran sideways towards the edge of the field. I was struck by that image. It doesn’t matter how good this guy is as long as he’s running sideways and not down field – it simply doesn’t matter. It’s only when he turns and moves forward that he poses a threat. He can run as fast as he wants, he can exert every last ounce of energy, but as long as he’s moving anyway but forward, he might as well be running in circles.

AP is an MVP because he turns and runs forward. You are the MVP in your own life and in the lives of those around you, but you have to stop running to the sideline.

Sometimes I can geek myself out at the defensive line that life invents; sometimes the threat is in my head more then in reality. Either way, when I turn and face forward and press ahead, there is always a break in the line that I can slip through, if only I try. The same is for you. What’s rushing at you? What’s holding you back from getting to your goal? Is it circumstances? Sure. Is it trash talk that’s coming from the other side? No doubt. Is it fear that you’ll screw up? Yup. But that’s part of the defensive strategy and it works, if you let it. But when you know the truth, like any MVP that there is a game to be played and there is resistance to be expected, then you must know that the resistance is there for a reason. It simply doesn’t want you to get to the goal. Call it what it is – obstacles. But press ahead knowing that you have the strength, the talent and the resources to do it.

Have a goal that’s been put off? Do you wish that you could get further, faster? Ask yourself if the challenge is you. Chances are it is. You are the one who is keeping you from reaching the dream.

Push. Push hard, but push forward. Take that step means facing the rush and go. There will be an opening, even if it’s an inch, you’ll have the opportunity to run further than you thought.

Question: What keeps us from going forward? Is it really a true statement that we can’t make it, or are we simply telling ourselves that we can’t? What’s holding you?

Are you running sideways, not getting traction in your own life, or career? Contact me. 

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