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Let’s meet for coffee again, sooner next time …



I’d like to get together with you again, soon. Over a cup, or a glass – either way works for me.  The idea behind a square cup is that each of us have our own “square cup” and that can many things to people.  For some, it’s just the questions in life, or the challenges that come our way. Others a square cup may be where they are at in their life journey, searching, asking, exploring. But one thing is for sure – we all drink from a square cup. But it’s what’s inside that is beautiful.

Enjoy your cup. I’d like to be able to meet with you maybe once or twice a week. We can get together and share a story, or perspective and that might be just the add shot we need to make it through our day, right?

Time spent with someone who gets you can make all the difference.

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