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Let Them Express!

July 17, 2012

Posted in: Passion, Performance, Personal, Professional

If there’s one simple thing that I’ve learned from raising our kids it is to allow them to express themselves.  I’m not suggesting that I let my kids disrespect me or anyone else, nor do I allow them to act with selfish or unjust intentions. What I am proposing is that when you let them celebrate their place (in this case, they’re kids, let them have fun). If you do this, you build trust. If you let them “play” as this clip from a road trip illustrates, you’ll get a feeling that they’re not afraid to express. And that’s the very best thing you can give to your kids. They know that they can be themselves with you and in front of you. That paves the way for them to come to you with confidence – asking a question, bearing their soul, and sharing their heart.

That concept applies for our teams and our organizations, too.

If you’re in leadership and squelching every expression or idea from your team – you basically will extinguish any opportunity to build the relationship, and you’ll stunt any opportunity to grow – as a team, as an organization – as a human being.

When passion, performance, place and pathways are in alignment, life can flourish.

Are you squelching your own expression?

Are you limiting others – squelching your kids, your spouse, or your friends? It’s time to assess your own performance and make the adjustments that are needed.

If you let them express their passion, their ideas, their gifts, you’ll be a better leader, parent, and a better person.

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