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Sunday Edition: I’m Screaming for Cheerios, Even At This Age

September 22, 2012

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Screaming for Cheerios

Anyone who has kids will identify with the time when their kids were small enough to sit in the high chair ­– giving them Cheerios

One of the lessons I learned was when I would not dispense the Cheerios as fast as one of my kids felt they needed them. Frustrated, even crying for more Cheerios, almost a panic that there wasn’t going to be enough.

But me, as their dad, knew they were going to be fed, I had the whole box of Cheerios and it was my plan to give them what they wanted and what they needed. My kids didn’t seem to agree, but in the end, they were more than satisfied.

I’m like that today. Screaming for Cheerios, in my own kind of high chair, feeling a bit helpless, waiting for something to come my way.

But I have to remember how much more I need to trust and believe that my dad has the whole box, even the whole store, even the whole of everything in His hands. All belongs to him.

And he’ll dispense those Cheerio blessings so that in the end, I’ll be more than satisfied.

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