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I like the fact that this is so simple. To value the other person’s values. Knowing we value what they see as important is huge.
It’s how the daily stuff is handled that makes or breaks a relationship; sensitivity, the willingness to admit we are wrong and go make it right, heals many wounds.
I just reread it and am asking myself in my own relationships, how this can be applied
.”  – Bonnie

“I think this is a nice, funny, meaningful little piece. It’s worthy of being used somewhere – you decide. Kudos!” – Brittany

“I loveeee this book!!  Owen has such a gift – putting into words something so profound, so wise, yet in such beautiful and simple words that they make the complicated, understandable.  Teachable.  He teaches a lesson so valuable (valuing people and investing in the relationship), that we can all relate to it and not feel threatened. I absolutely adore Owen and love this book!   Love and a million hugs,”- Lori