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Connect with Owen Baker to Find Authentic Connection

Who wants to connect over coffee if there is no real connection?

Nope. No one. Not even you and me.

It’s pretty simple. Authentic connection that happens in our personal lives or in our business lives revolves around something we share. We identify with one another on some level. If you’re some really techie kind of person and I’m not – how’s that going to work? Well, for one, if we share the same values, philosophy, goals, beliefs, love of coffee, or anything that can bind us together, that’s what makes us connect as humans. And that’s pretty cool; it starts like anything, small, simple steps to find out those common things that we latch onto. We both want a great cup of coffee, or we both love a certain book, a favorite sport, a favorite cafe, a hobby.  Then we go further, we find that we share the same passion for customer service, great design, or excellence in parenting. And then we go another and another; and then, before you know it, we have this kind of connection that is more than just a shared love of really great coffee. It’s a relationship. And that’s what we want in business and in our own lives.

That’s where we would like to start – over coffee. Let’s see where it leads us. Shoot me an email or give us a call.