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Christmas Break, Packed Fridges and the Lesson of One Shelf Left Empty

December 27, 2012

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I’m close to becoming a little crabby if I’m not careful.

Christmas break is a time when my clients are usually off for the holidays, so that is an opportunity for me to do the same thing. So a few days before Christmas, I begin to dream of time spent doing some of those things that I have wanting to get to whether it’s a project, a book, or just parking it in front of a good movie and being able to watch it from start to finish. But, I find it almost impossible to do so.

Christmas is also a time when I open the fridge and there is simply no room – not just in the inn, but also on those shelves.  Every single shelf is packed with leftovers, intended to be eaten later, mixed or drank in some fashion or another. Salads, celery, sauces and pickles bury other salads, vegetables, and open beverages that soon enough Kari or I discover have gone bad – spoiled. I’ve learned that if you keep one shelf empty, you can take things down and use that empty shelf to find what you need while keeping order to the rest of the system.

Lost food on the shelves of my fridge is a lot like lost time during Christmas break. If I don’t manage the precious time given to me, I soon realize that it’ll be gone before I know it. When I don’t leave an empty shelf in my life, the reality is I’ll never find what I need or wanted out of life in the first place. Christmas breaks, like shelves, will fill up completely.

The point is this – leave some time to just enjoy your break. If not careful, you and I will pack every day running to this or that, finding excuses to do one more thing that fills the shelves of our lives too full and in the over-commitment to a calendar we loose the days that are given to us.





Question: How do you find time to enjoy your break?

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