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My first book is a mini book. I call it a “waiting-in-line-for-your-latte” read. It’s more of an extended blog, but it gets into some pretty heavy material – marriage. This one is about simply how to do relationships better.

You can purchase this mini book for your nook, kindle, or e-reader at Smashwords,, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

Here’s one review:

This humorous, short, modern book from a coffee shop owner uses a sticking point about the favorite drinking glasses of husband and wife to illustrate a simple but essential relationship builder. Women will relate well to the fact that men need to be aware of the things that make them happy~ and vice versa. That “list” of meaningful things may not match too well between husband and wife, but they should be respected and celebrated anyway. The book reveals what every woman knows~ little things really do add up. A charming way to enhance a coffee date with your spouse or friend; buy it for $1, get some coffee, read, discuss, bond.



My “real” book, A Square Cup, finding answers to life’s challenges in a coffeehouse in the middle of nowhere, is a story about setting up a coffeehouse in the middle of a small, rural Nebraska town and how that presents some challenges.

The business of serving lattes, cappuccino, and espresso to a new market taught me a few things. One, people are pretty much the same; and two, everyone has challenges. And, like my own story of trying to move forward with a coffee house called the Square Cup, I realized each of us is given a square cup of our own from which we drink life. A square cup is awkward, and it doesn’t function the way you hoped it would.  It can be frustrating and at times you want to forget it. Sounds like life?

Going through this season, I realized that every issue can be traced to one of more of the following areas of life: Place, Passion, Performance, Pathway, or Purpose. This book helps you sort out the areas in life that might just be the thing that’s keeping you stuck. Is life stuck because you don’t have a passion, or has your passion died? Are you stuck in a “place” where you’re living in a place determined by age, finances, tragedy, circumstances? Is your performance in question? Do you perform to the best of your abilities?   Is the issue of place or passion influencing how you perform this thing called life? Maybe you have the passion, perform well, and know your authentic place; but the pathway is blocked, or you are discovering you’re on the wrong road heading in the wrong direction.

Come on in. Let’s spend some time together over a cup, or a glass, or at the table. That’s where the real, true conversations and the authentic answers lie.

A Square Cup, finding answers to life’s challenges in a coffeehouse in the middle of nowhere” is in the works – I hope to have it published in 2013. You’ll be able to download your free chapter here.