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It’s All About a Square Cup, Meaningful Conversations, and New Perspectives

I have forever believed that real change happens over a cup or a glass. A morning coffee shared between co-workers or best friends often paves the way to more authentic, meaningful conversations. A drink shared at the end of a brutal or victorious day in the world of business can reveal any man or woman’s true colors if the conversation is just right. That’s the point behind A Square Cup. Sharing deeper, new perspectives gives meaning to our days. Too often we simply are too busy, too preoccupied, or too stressed to stop long enough to get a true bearing on life. Work is stressful; our relationships in the office or in our homes often are strained. We struggle to find a way to find a way; and someone else, over that cup or that glass can help us make better sense of it all.

I know you’re busy, but I hope that this “drive-through” can deliver more than just a shot.  I hope it gives you what you’ve been really wanting all along.