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A shadow of a doubt

March 5, 2013

Posted in: Blog, Performance, Promise


How often we’re plagued by doubt.

Doubt isn’t truth, is it? Doubt is the shadow of a truth, or an opportunity.

Don’t think you’ll succeed in your dreams? That’s the doubt of opportunity that you’re looking at.

Do you don’t feel as though you’re not qualified to be chosen? That’s doubting the truth that you possess what’s needed to do the job, or that you’re qualified.

Feeling as if the mountain is too high, or that it’s too late? Remember that the length of the doubt is related to the position of the truth. If it’s a new opportunity, it’s just as if the sun is breaking dawn. Those shadows are long, much longer than the truth. The shadow of a doubt can stretch far and wide.

But remember, where you focus is where you’ll spend your time, energy, and resources. If you’re looking at the shadow of doubt, convinced it’s the real thing, you’ll fixate on how long, how wide and how “doubtful” it is.

Focus on the truth, that you have in you what can make it happen and you’ll set in motion events that begin to draw that shadow back, it shrinks as you gain confidence.

But in order for the shadow of a doubt to loose its distinction, it requires performance on your part. Even if you’re not sure, even if there is a shadow, the goal is to look forward and not look down.

Convinced that the sun is setting and that the day of opportunity has passed? It will be if you believe that.

But if you know the truth that there is always a new dawn, the next day comes and along with it, promise that is yours if only you decide it’s time to move.


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