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Sunday Edition: A Partner in Arrangement

June 15, 2013

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Floral Arrangement

Let’s be clear on one thing: I am not a florist. But I am a designer by gift and by training.

So when Kari told me that she was having some of her friends over Friday after work, I thought I’d help her out by running out to the garden, cutting some flowers, and arranging them for her get-together.

I think it looks pretty good – even if I’m not a florist.

Then a thought came to me as thoughts come to me non-stop. If someone commented on my ability to create this arrangement I would beg to differ.

“I didn’t do it – God did it, I just put them together”.

And then I thought some more….

God would say just the opposite. “I didn’t do that, Owen did. I just made the flowers”.

I think that’s the partnership that’s available to you and to me. You are given opportunities, talents, and resources and God is watching – even delighting at you as you begin to arrange those gifts, those opportunities to make something truly unique in your life, in your job, in your circle of influence. Go arrange.

And God will delight and say, I provided the flowers, but what you did is what made it what it is.

He has given you a garden, it may not appear like a garden, but He has given you people, friends, clients, and opportunities. They may seem like thorns, they may appear lifeless or even hopeless. But if you will only look and consider how you can arrange these things you can begin to see how they can be beautiful. Tragedy arranged with hope. Slavery arranged with freedom. Hatred arranged with Love. Brokenness arranged with restoration. It is the contrast that gives beauty. Just as sipping life from a square cup delivers something special.

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