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The truth is, your work is personal. It matters.If it didn't you really wouldn't care as much as you do about making your company and yourself better. But sometimes we get high-centered as we're slogging through the battle and we need a little help – a push to get us back on track. This site and our services are designed to do two things: 1: Encourage you in helping you and your organization discover or rediscover your authentic purpose and message in business, and, 2: We help our clients then express that message in the very best way possible. Call us, 1.877.890.2874 or email us.


Each of us needs that guy or gal who just "gets you", that friend that you can dump on, vent and hopefully sort it all out. Because let's face it, life can frankly be more than just a bit of a challenge. That's the whole idea behind a square cup. Encouragement born out of a tiny coffee house in the middle of Nebraska, serving everyday people, just like you. Lending an ear, and giving perspective, an add shot – if you will. Call us, 1.877.890.2874 or email us.